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Graduated from Notre Dame Highschool then went on 

to University of Calgary and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Bachelor of Arts in History


Committed to improving conditions for families and individuals in Calgary-North 

  • Strong interest in strengthening Alberta's labour force and working with our communities to achieve this:

  • A founding member of the Calgary Ethiopian Youth Alliance (CEYA)

  • Experience working with grassroots and community initiatives

  • Has worked as a Policy Analyst and Data Analyst



Over the past several months we have heard residents call for the need to have better access to public transportation, public healthcare and public education. We’ve listened to their concerns and have developed innovative proposals to address these concerns:

We will advocate for the construction of a Healthcenter/Hospital for the riding;


  1. Advocate for the construction of a Health Centre/Hospital in the riding;

  2. We will advocate for the construction of a public K-6 school in Carrington (something residents were promised when they moved into the neighborhood); and

  3. We will advocate to ensure that the Green Line reaches North Pointe.


We are working hard to deliver on the needs of the riding, however, we cannot advocate for this without your support. Be sure to get your $10 ABNDP membership so you can vote for a campaign that is committed to improving conditions for families and individuals.

The Nomination Date will be: December 17, 2022

*See below for more information about our nomination

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 It is imperative that we bring new ideas and new perspectives in governance in order to tackle the unique challenges our province is facing.

I’m seeking the nomination for Calgary-North to bring forth innovative and creative solutions to preserve and strengthen the Alberta Advantage. The economic strength of our province is linked to our ability to provide the support for public services/social services that are needed in our communities. The challenges of the pandemic and the cuts to our essential services imposed by the UCP have generated the perfect storm of harm to both our public and private sectors.

That is why I will advocate for policies that encourage investment in new technology to diversify our economy while supporting our traditional sectors of the Alberta economy. Diversification does not mean that we leave critical sectors such as Oil and Gas behind. Instead, we will work with a multitude of sectors including our Oil and Gas sector to find a mutually beneficial path that benefits working-class Albertans. 

​As a young nominee in the political arena, I understand the challenges many young individuals face today. The uncertainty of the economy, and what at times feels like the bleakness of opportunity resonates with me as an individual who was raised in Northwest Calgary. Therefore, our campaign team is determined to ensure that our young and bright graduates have more opportunities in our province upon their graduation. 

If given the opportunity to represent Calgary-North, I will fight hard alongside our colleagues to:

  • Present a curriculum that reflects the values of Albertans in the 21st century. 

  • We will bring teachers, doctors, nurses, and all major public sector employees to the table and negotiate with them in good faith while providing them with adequate programs as well as the tools necessary to successfully carry out their jobs. 

  • We will seek to bring innovative economic solutions that bring forth long-term growth to restore the Alberta Advantage by diversifying our economy in a way that mutually benefits all Albertans, bringing back the excitement and optimism that has long been a staple of our province. 

  • I will advocate for funding mental healthcare within our public healthcare system, as it is an issue that is so critical and affects every Albertan.


Whether it's the Economy, Healthcare, Education, Affordability or a plethora of social issues, Our campaign is driven by the desire to restore and enhance equitable upward socio-economic mobility for all.


If given the privilege to serve the great people of Calgary-North we will ensure that our policy decisions are made to enhance equitable, positive socio-economic change. We will also be transparent and accessible every step of the way with a commitment to responding to our constituents quickly. 

#TogetherWeCan create a province that reflects the values and character of its citizens



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